NBN Interim Satellite Service

NBN satellite broadband service


The nbnTM Interim Satellite Service will be switched off on 28th February 2017. 

You must select your new plan by 23rd December 2016 to avoid loss of service.

Call 1300 464 778 to switch to the new IPSTAR nbnTM Sky MusterTM Satellite now.


All orders placed by 23rd December 2016 will be prioritised to ensure the continuity of your internet connectivity. Orders placed after this date will be at risk of not being installed by 28th February 2017.

Move now to avoid loss of service and take advantage of these great new speeds. CLICK HERE to see our full range of plans^.



Terms and conditions detailed below.


Switching plans is easy


1) Sign in to MyIPSTAR customer portal and choose the plan for you.

2) Over the next few weeks, one of the nbnTM approved Delivery Partners (satellite installers) will be calling you to confirm a suitable time for the installation of the new equipment. Without the new equipment installed, you are at risk of losing internet connectively.

3) Once your new equipment has been installed, your premises will be declared nbnTM ready and we will be in contact to confirm activation of your service. Please note the installation of the new nbnTM Satellite equipment will be at no cost to you.




Don’t miss out on these great offers. All customers that sign up to the new IPSTAR nbn Sky Muster service by 31st Dec 2016 will receive one month free**.



Important  important sign

Please note, your existing service on the Interim Satellite Service (ISS) will be switched off by nbnTM on 28 February 2017.  We will be in touch to help you move to the right plan for you.


When will I be contacted?

All Interim Satellite Service (ISS) customers will be contacted in December 2016 to discuss the plan you would like to move to and to arrange a time for the installtion of the new nbn Satellite equipment at your premise. This will be at no additional charge to you.


Do I need to sign a new contract?

You will need to select a new plan and agree to the new terms of service. You can choose to go on a month to month contract, or select a 12 or 24 mth contract, as per our standard plans.


How long will the installation take?

The installation will take approximately 2-4 hours.


What type of equipment should I expect?

We will be installing a satellite dish, mounted on your roof, and an nbnTM Satellite Modem inside your premises.

You’ll temporarily have two satellite dishes on your roof and nbnTM will arrange to remove ISS equipment at a later stage once your Sky MusterTM service is working.


Will I have any interruption to my service during this time?

There will be no interruption to your satellite service.  We will confirm your new Sky MusterTM satellite connection is active prior to disconnection of your ISS service.


Am I eligible for a different service?

Some current ISS customers are now in a Fixed Wireless location. If this applies to your premise we will in in touch to discuss the new plans and options available to you.


^Peak data usage times are 7am to 1am. Off-peak data usage times are 1am to 7am. *nbnTM speeds: these speeds are maximum connection speeds as provided by nbnTM. Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by IPSTAR.  Devices connected by WiFi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. The Basic speed option has a maximum upload line speed of up to 1Mbps. The Boost speed option has a maximum upload line speed of up to 5Mbps. Current ISS plans have a maximum download speed of 6Mbps. New LTSS plans are 12 and 25Mbps. Basic ISS Freedom 10GB costs $34.95 equivalent plan Sky Muster 10GB plus 10GB provides double GB at same price. **Applicable to 12 and 24 month contracts only. Offer valid for customers that sign up to a new IPSTAR Sky MusterTM service by 31 Dec 2016. Applies to the first whole months billing cycle.

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