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   What is the NBN?   


Our societies and economies are growing so fast as our needs for hi-speed Internet. NBN is built using the latest technologies designed to satisfy our needs. It will make this world even smaller and is the first step to improving the way we live and work. The NBN is an upgrade to communications infrastructure in Australia. The NBN will replace the existing copper system that is currently used for our home phone and broadband services and will be committed to delivering the cutting edge broadband service to all Australian homes.



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   What does the NBN mean to you?   



The NBN is being rolled out across Australia. You will have access to superfast broadband and be able to easily connect to the world no matter where you live. You can also experience the NBN difference in many areas such as entertainment, business, education and health services by getting connected when it becomes available in your area.


   Types of NBN services   

NBN Fixed Line

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93% population

NBN Fixed Line is an ultra-fast broadband service delivering speeds of up to 100 megabits per second via the National Broadband Network (NBN) infrastructure using fibre-optic cables. That’s almost four times faster than the quickest ADSL2+ broadband currently available. Unlike other broadband technologies, your online experience will be changed forever as you will get the most from the NBN Fixed Line broadband service.

NBN Fixed Wireless

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4% population

In some areas you might be unable to get the NBN Fixed Line connection due to geographical limitations. However, you can still receive the NBN Fixed Wireless service delivered using the latest generation of radio signal technology. NBN Fixed Wireless network starts at speeds of up to 12 megabits per second. It is expected to be a lot faster and more affordable than fixed or mobile wireless currently available.

NBN Satellite

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3% population

NBN Satellite is designed for remote users. In 2013, the NBN Interim Satellite Service has reached its capacity & creased accepting any new orders since then. In 2014, the NBN Satellite becomes available again under the new NBN Satellite Support Scheme. So, remote users can now get things done online under this NSS scheme until the Long Term Satellite Service is launched in 2016.


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