Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution


Information on our Dispute Resolution Processes:


Complaint Solutions:


We want you to enjoy our service as much as we enjoy supplying it to you. All our staff are also Internet users and understand the frustration when things don’t work the way they should.

So we’ve trained all our staff to be able to handle the issue you tell us about quickly, whether it is technical or otherwise. If we can’t solve the issue on the first occasion you tell us about it, we do have a formal approach that is here:

Financial Hardship:


At IPSTAR we charge in arrears. We don’t want you to pay for something you haven’t received use yet, so we extend credit to you. We’ve done some other things that we think are pretty fair:

we have never charged for credit card transaction or other banking charges and we offer BPay, Credit Card and Direct Debit from your bank account to make it easy to pay us.

But it’s important to pay us on time. We have bills too and rely on timely payment of our customers. Unfortunately if you are late paying us, we incur costs which we must pass on as late fees. We might also shape and suspend you. If you are having trouble paying the bill you need to talk to us and let us know, in most cases we can figure out a arrangement that suits us both.

All our staff are understanding and can find solutions to help you. We’ve trained everyone on our support line to help you. We have our formal approach which is here:

Discuss Hardship and a list of community Financial Counselling Services:


If you are looking for help with financial mattes, click the following link to see a list of community financial counselling services.


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