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Welcome to IPSTAR

For more than a decade, we have been delivering satellite Broadband to country Australians. We have never stopped improving our Broadband network to ensure our customers achieve a satisfying and reliable Internet service that is worth your money.

"I have been with IPSTAR since 2007 and I am very happy with the service they provide."
- Matthew Jones, Gloucester, NSW -

NBN Services

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Be one of the first Australians to connect to the next generation of broadband technology that changes your online experience forever.


IPSTAR has a great range of plans to choose from. No matter what you choose, there is great value to be found in every IPSTAR plan.

IPSTAR Satellite

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Switch to IPSTAR Satellite Internet and experience much faster speed and see why our customers are happier with IPSTAR's service.


We're here to help, give you advice and fix your technical issues faster because we deeply understand your problems. 100% Australian based.



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Enjoy our affordable broadband delivering the best combination of stability and speed that you won't be disappointed. Ask us today!

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 IPSTAR satellite networks cover Australian mainland and across Tasmania. Connect to high speed Internet no matter where you live.


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Stop paying too much and starting saving heaps on your phone bills easily by connecting to IPSTAR's crystal-clear VoIP service today.


IPSTAR plans offer fast connection. That's why our customers are happy with our services because they can enjoy a great online experience.


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Give us a call on 1800 477 827 or simply fill out a Churn Request Form and send it back to us.


Contact Us

Satellite Inquiry : 1800 477 827
Non-satellite Inquiry : 1800 477 888
Fax : (02) 8006 5592
Email : sales@ipstaraustralia.com
5 George Place Artarmon NSW 2064